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The testing Lab: SJ Works first aid kit

I'm always looking for ways to optimize what I take on my MTB rides, smaller and lighter things makes the ride more enjoyable.

Granted, the first aid kit from Decathlon that I was using for a while now is not ideal for my MTB rides, it's fairly big and takes a lot of space in my backpack.

Looking around on Internet and after a bit of research, I found the SJ Works first aid kit and I have decided to give it a try, and see if I can remove from the equation my heavy backpack, especially now when the days are hot.

Despite the small package size, the kit is surprisingly well-equipped, and contains all the items that will fix you up in case of a small injury.

sj works first aid kit
sj works first aid kit
sj works first aid kit

The content of the kit fits well inside of the pouch and there is enough space to add some small items or maybe even a folding allen key set.

Many sterile bandages and antiseptic toweletts in the kit. Quite useful is the sterile eye pad, I don't know how many times I had flies in my eyes.

There is even a space blanket in the kit, small but efective.

Nice touch is the easy access to the patches, easy to take out and to apply on minor cuts.

sj works first aid kit
sj works first aid kit

The sadle pouch fits very well under the dropper post, and doesn't affect the functionality of the dropper. The straps are firm enough and I had no issues during rides on rough trails. As a safety feature, the back of the pouch is made of reflective material making the rider more visible on the road.

For the cross country rides, I found more useful the smart phone solution kit. It's a bit bigger, and it can fit a smart phone,  useful to check a map.

sj works first aid kit

The phone is safe enough, the case is waterproof and dust proof. Also, the touch screen is working through the transparent plastic cover.

There is also a 3.5mm headphone extension cord.

The straps are sturdy and the kit is not moving around on the bike frame.

sj works first aid kit

The content of the kit is identical, same ammount of towelettes and antiseptic bandages.


- light box.

- well-equipped.

- waterproof material.

- good price.


- The first aid kit smart phone solution doesn't fit in all frames, it's recommended for XC and road bikes.

- A scissor and a tweezer would be nice to have.

Overall, the SJ works kit is a good solution for short cross country rides. fits well on the bike and is very well-equipped.

More info about the product.