hiking in Prague

Sunday afternoon hike

Looking at this images the viewer will ask himself if this is truly Prague. 

Surprisingly, it is, a different kind of Prague. Just 10 minutes away from the noisy city center there is an oasis of peace. 

Hiking in Prague

One of the things that still amaze me is the fact even you are still in Prague  a very rural looking landscape can be found.

Prague view from the hills

Zizkov television tower can be seen in the distance.


Prokopske Udoly park, easily accessible from city center.

Prokopske Udoly
Prokopske Udoly park

Lake formed in place of an old quarry.


Old stone bridge still used today by the commute trains.

Hidden trails Prokopske Udoli

Hidden trail all over the place. Stairs going up on the top of the hill.


There is even an old tunnel, lot of fun to pass through it.

This is a short and easy hike route, accessible for any age.