biking to Karlstejn castle

Cross country trail to Karlštejn castle

Just only 30km from Prague, Karlštejn castle is one of the most famous and most visited castles in Czech Republic.

Karlštejn castle mtb

Some history facts: Karlštejn is a gothic castle,  founded around 1348 by Charles IV. It was used for safekeeping of the crown jewels, relics and royal treasures.

Karlštejn offroad

The trail from Prague to castle is a pure XC trail, crossing the suburbs of Prague, fields and small forests. The perfect way to discover the beautiful Czech country side.

Karlstejn mtb

Gentle path takes us out of the city and get us to the first descent of the trail. Some rocks and roots, nothing scary or technical. Beginners can tackle this trail without issues.

Also if you ride a Cyclo-cross bike, this is something that can be done.

Karlstejn mtb

Rocks and roots, not too scary.

offroad to Karlstejn

Getting our shoes wet in a small creek. No worries, there is a small bridge which can be passed.

Karlstejn mtb

Trail is taking us through small villages and endless green fields. Beautiful Czech country side.

mtb Karlstejn castle

First long uphill on tarmac, mind over body.

mtb Karlstejn

Taking a short brake just enough to recover after the long uphill on tarmac.

mtb Karlstejn

Some nice looking peace of machinery resting in the shadow. Would you ride this beast?

mtb in Czech Republic

Best reason for a short break, cherries. 

biking to Karlstejn castle
mtb Karstejn castle

It takes around 4 hours to get to the castle, the trails is not very difficult, but some level of fitness is required to enjoy this trail. There are two long uphills, one is on tarmac, the second one is going trough the forest. The descents are not very steep nor very technical. Any type of bike is suitable for this trail.